Vivaldi 5.4 launches with Rocker Gestures and Internet Panel enhancements

@Iron Coronary heart

Expensive brother Iron Coronary heart to criticize non FOSS software program like Vivaldi is to query a google chromium clone itself and in your religon, we can’t go questioning your engineering tremendous god google and non foss merchandise like M$ and privateness invasive gadgets like smartphones lol.

> I criticize invasive information assortment methods as a lot because the man subsequent to me

No you dont. I and one other person right here criticized Vivaldi and their distinctive ID information assortment. You help information assortment in vivaldi and truly exit of the way in which to defend it along with your asinine wall of textual content as normal attempting to sound good, whenever you appear very removed from good.

It’s arduous to condense a publish down to show your questionable concepts about companies, FOSS and different such subjects.

> Downstream forks have a look at invasive Google spyware and adware code and take away it from the product, leading to degoogled variations of the code, e.g. Courageous or GrapheneOS.

Which has the potential for human error, bugs, safety points and many others as a result of google grasping course in engineering browser code and OS code. However in fact google is your god, they will don’t improper, even when their merchandise are a monopoly and are getting always patched and chromium having far more issues than one thing like Firefox.

> Why ought to I disown the credibility of those initiatives

Google. However They’re your god, so i suppose that might be blasphemy. LMAO.

> Safari will live on so long as Apple merchandise

Lol. Apple is one other massive tech company, Btw, safari has a really low proportion market share on desktop and notebooks each of that are dominated by chrome and edge and much more so sooner or later by chrome due to chromebooks, the cheaper various to mac OS.

> They “steer the ship” of upstream,

Which is all that issues. They’re the captain of the ship referred to as chromium.

> Safety patches totally free? That’s a plus in my e-book!

Safety patches? yeah and plenty of them as a result of chromium is a buggy safety mess as a result of googles greed with attempting to manage the browser trade.

> Makes it doable for Courageous to focus on different elements.

Fixing damaged tor home windows? Whitelisting fb trackers? Braves historical past could be very attention-grabbing lol.

In June 2018, Courageous launched a pay-to-surf test-version of the browser. This model of Courageous got here preloaded with roughly 250 adverts and despatched an in depth log of the person’s shopping exercise to Courageous for the short-term function of testing this performance.


> I believe you don’t even understand what sort of an ecosystem Chromium is

Oh i do. It’s referred to as an tried monopoly and energy seize of the browser trade by massive and really highly effective companies like google and M$.

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> There are additionally different main events concerned like Microsoft (Edge) or Amazon

Sure, Large tech has their arms throughout chromium.

> Chromium is licensed in a method that doesn’t permit it to be closed supply.

What would occur If google and m$ and their godlike engineering went in a distinct course and determined that chrome and edge ought to solely use unique codebases that aren’t based mostly on chromium?

> we might nonetheless have the final open supply state of the code as a result of licensing necessities, so another person would have the ability to choose it up and go from there.

Lol. However, your god google wouldn’t be sustaining the codebase and every other maintainer can be irrelevant in your opinion as a result of they don’t have the MIGHT of google engineering.

> Google earnings from exterior contributions to the code and they might piss off different trade giants like Microsoft who’re invested within the codebase in the event that they pulled that stunt.

Lol. M$ have greater than sufficient monetary energy to develop an unique browser that solely they management the code of. They don’t must depend on google. M$ are getting increasingly more cloud based mostly with every new OS launch from them. They actually dropped Web explorer, it gained’t come as a surprize in the event that they cease utilizing Edge too in some unspecified time in the future.

> open supply contributions to the Chromium base code

Lol. Google have probably the most commits to the chromium code. M$ second. You suppose these contributions are taking a privateness centered course? Chrome launched a controversial keyboard API just lately, that’s the course chromoum goes. I Haven’t any confidence by any means in bloatware browsers like Courageous and vivaldi in cleansing up the chromium codebase from google when forking the code. Each browsers are shit on Linux and are CPU and RAM intensive functions.

> They aren’t solely irrelevant by now

Firefox is simply irrelevant to google selling noobs such as you.

> Additional, I don’t need Mozilla to get better in any respect,

Since you solely need google to be in charge of the browser trade. That’s the reason if there was a voting system on GHacks, you’d doubtless get a downvoted so much as being somebody who always promotes google. That’s effective, however what it reveals is that you just love massive tech and increasingly more name you out for it.

The best way you defended M$ over Linux, additionally reveals how you’re keen on BIG CORPORATION software program.

> I don’t consider Google will select the closed supply route

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LMAO. They already shut supply chrome and use chromium as a stepping stone to place all types of privateness invasive options within the codebase like manifestV3.

> The vast majority of the code is supply accessible, and will be audited, which is already adequate for most individuals! You sound like a paranoid alarmist, saying that you just count on them to cover one thing of their closed supply UI code.

I Don’t belief closed supply browsers like Vivaldi. It’s particularly necessary for a browser to be FOSS in an OS if one expects privateness. Vivaldi creates a novel ID while being proprietary, that rings alarm bells because it appears they depend customers for monetary causes. Why else would they should depend customers and have them ping again to their mothership? Distinction that with one thing like Librewolf, the place there isn’t a monetary motivation or thought to create distinctive ID upon set up that telephones residence each 24 hours like one thing in vivaldi while additionally containing proprietary UI. Lol.

Vivaldi is crap software program in comparison with librewolf.

> You too can at all times monitor the connections Vivaldi establishes through e.g. WireShark,

Vivaldi is a non-public firm you dummy. Except you’re really an worker with them, you don’t have any thought what they might be doing with person information, whether or not they promote it or not. By utilizing a proprietary browser like Vivaldi, you would need to simply belief them. That’s effective if individuals belief them, its their selection. However FOSS Advocates often don’t belief closed supply browsers lol.

> Ridiculous FUD is what you’re spreading right here,

Actually? Go go to any FOSS discussion board and privateness group and you will notice a lot criticism directed in the direction of closed supply browsers and google and M$.

Go have a look at some FOSS group movies on youtube lol. You will notice related criticism.

> LibreWolf is Firefox with a brand new icon and a Tor-inspired person.js + uBO preinstalled. Wow! How lengthy did it take to create that? Lower than a day? That pastime undertaking vs. probably the most feature-rich browser in existence

Characteristic wealthy for people who search for a extra personal browser than vivaldi.

Smartphones should not privateness centered gadgets by design

> Not roughly so than any trendy PC.

Noob degree argument from you. Private computer systems are stationary objects often, smartphones are cellular and have IMEI (Worldwide Cellular Gear Identification) expertise that come into contact with towers and smartphones are round different peoples gadgets extra which probably creates wifi and bluetooth safety dangers. Additionally, cameras and mic can simply be disconnected from a desktop pc, with smartphones they can’t.

You’re a noob.

After all some individuals use smartphones as a result of they need to, however smartphones by design should not privateness gadgets it doesn’t matter what OS is on them. They are often made extra personal certain, android has sturdy sandbox and safety, however by design smartphones should not personal as a result of IMEI and being cellular gadgets by nature. OH and no {hardware} switches to show off gps, digicam and mic in mass produced merchandise.

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> Ah, so they’re evil as a result of they connect with cell towers so as to set up calls and SMS performance, understood. Makes complete sense.

It’s referred to as location monitoring. Examine stallman. Learn why he dislikes smartphones.

> a profile of your actions will be created simply in addition to with a smartphone. Your MAC handle is giving your system away in both case.

Noob degree argument. A private pc if left stationary doesn’t let its mac handle get uncovered to location profiles constructed on actions by means of coming into contact with public wifi spots

Additionally, even a easy pocket book doesn’t comprise IMEI (Worldwide Cellular Gear Identification). And, even notebooks should not precisely carried round like a smartphone in a pocket. Notebooks are heavy and should not used like smartphones.

> entrance/rear cameras, GPS, and microphones

> Minus the GPS half, that is additionally true for many notebooks nowadays.

Not true for stationary desktop towers and once more, each desktops and notebooks do not need IMEI and are far more stationary than smartphones as individuals often use smartphones as an extention of their hand and take them in all places in a cultural sense residing within the trendy age.

> Notebooks have related {hardware} elements in-built and so they can’t be librebooted both, and don’t have open {hardware}, at the least not too my information.

Noob degree argument and really uneducational. Perform a little research earlier than you kind lol.

Mass produced Notebooks don’t have any IMEI like a smartphone. Additionally the THINKPAD T440 will be librebooted with effort, another older fashions will be librebooted too and system 76 makes laptops with related options to libreboot.

Open supply {hardware} can also be changing into a factor.

> A lot of the browser is supply accessible to start with,

Lol at most. Vivaldi has a proprietary UI which in my view is a type bloatware. Browsers ought to be easy, they don’t want fancy UI. However i suppose you need the flowery UI, have to be the rationale why you want Courageous a lot as a result of they’ve a lion as a emblem lol.

@Finished Lump

> LOL who can belief this firm, this is identical firm that asks you for a telephone quantity to have the ability to use their mail system they hold pushing in you face whenever you create and account.

Iron Coronary heart trusts them LOL.