Updating Windows 11 to new versions may soon be quicker on new devices

Microsoft published a preview update for Windows 11 on July 21 that includes new functionality to improve the update process on new Windows 11 devices.

The updating functionality that KB5015882 contains, will find its way into the August cumulative update for the Windows 11 operating system. Preview updates may be downloaded and installed early for testing purposes or to address serious issues. Generally speaking, preview updates should not be installed on most Windows 11 devices.

Improved Windows 11 updating

Microsoft lists the changes on its support website. Both descriptions lack clarity, but more about that later.

New! Gives you the option to update to a newer Windows 11 version at the very first startup of Windows if your device is eligible.

New! Provides the option for eligible devices to update to a newer Windows 11 version during the out-of-box experience (OOBE) when you first sign in. If you choose to update to a newer version, the update process will begin shortly after the update is installed on the device.

Judging from Microsoft’s description, the update improvement kicks in only during the out-of-box experience (OOBE) on the very first startup of the operating system. Devices need to meet the Windows 11 system requirements.

The OOBE runs on the very first start of the operating system. Most users associate it with the initial setup experience that includes the privacy configuration of the operating system, setting up language, region and keyboard layouts, and other features, but it is more than that.

Here is where it gets unclear: Microsoft reveals that this is an option, but does not reveal when the option is displayed during the OOBE. It is unclear if the new feature is limited to certain types of updates. Will it suggest to install minor updates, cumulative updates or only feature updates?

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Cumulative updates seem to be the most logical choice for this new updating behavior, but this has not been confirmed by Microsoft yet.

Closing Words

Windows runs automatic checks for updates and informs users about these. The new experience is designed to make sure that users get an option to run a newer version of the Windows 11 operating system on their devices on first run. It speeds up the installation of critical security updates as well on those systems, provided that the user accepts the downloading and installation of updates during the out-of-box experience.

Now You: do you update new devices immediately?