Google Chrome 104 launched: fixes 27 safety points

@Iron Coronary heart

> He’s the Whonix dev. Due to this fact I doubt that he’s theatre.

Somebody you by no means shut up about. I’m glad in the event that they stopped you from spamming his BLOG CONSTANTLY as some form of reference level that you just declare cannot be challenged with various arguments as a result of he’s a whonix dev lol.

If he dislikes Firefox a lot in comparison with chromium, then maybe he ought to point out as THE whonix DEV (as you name him) that for the reason that TBB is predicated on Firefox, that he cannot presumably suggest the TBB in whonix attributable to it being not so good as chromium? Lol. Maybe he ought to argue that chromium based mostly Courageous be used as an alternative, though Courageous being chromium based mostly had damaged tor home windows.

Does he try this? No! He’s privateness theatre and has no clue what he’s on about for probably the most half, particularly Linux. The TBB is seen as probably the most non-public internet browser one can use. You don’t hear many tech specialists shouting about how insecure Firefox is. You’re solely pruning for criticism towards Firefox by referencing his opinions whom you consider cannot be criticised since you view him as some mystical software program developer lol.

Are you actually so ignorant to consider that software program builders cannot be criticised once they put out opinions that many is not going to agree with. Many do really the opinions within the weblog you attempt to hyperlink as privateness theatre, each for Firefox and for the concern mongering linux hardening information. His views on Firefox have turn out to be outdated, it’s nitpicking and a spotlight searching for, as if to by some means sound vital. Nothing on his weblog is even that fascinating. He feels like a graphene OS fanboy, which is humorous since for all his love of google and android based mostly OS, graphene OS depends on google pixel telephones to put in, by buying that cellphone, it’s a monetary contribution to googles pockets. These telephones are additionally very costly and don’t recieve {hardware} updates after so a few years. Cellphones are crap, no privateness particular person would use them, examine richard stallman lol.

That weblog you attempt to publish and his views on Linux and systemD are simply theatre aswell and deceptive as a result of they’re simply outlandish “what if situations” – no common Linux person must undergo the difficulty of implementing his manually intensive hardening information on a Linux distro, when there are distros which might be already very hardened by default from an ordinary safety perspective like Qubes (Wonderful sandboxing), Tails (Amnesiac) and even Fedora with Selinux by default. Linux distros are already safe by default anyway, they’ve firewalls and are properly maintained with safety updates particularly the favored ones. His hardening information is concern mongering BS and outlandish lol.

Studying his silly weblog, he would have folks almost consider that home windows is safer lol. Home windows is a centralized mess. Distros are quite a few and versatile, extra customizable. Whonix devs really put out whonix software program for home windows, what a joke. Home windows is privateness invasive!

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> No, wanting on the code and asserting that sure exploit mitigations are lacking in FF isn’t just an “opinion”

Take a look at all of the exploit mitigations patched in chromium after almost each launch? Are you so ignorant to assume that each piece of code in browsers is ideal? LOL. Nearly no software program is 100% safe, it’s known as human error, that’s the reason folks observe the code and unhealthy code will get patched regularly so the software program might be safer.

Firefox is arguably safer to make use of than any chromium based mostly browser attributable to googles monopoly by putting in that browser engine on each machine actually by default.

Lots of tech specialists don’t use chromium based mostly browsers for a motive. They’re approach too bloated.

> Possibly one thing like Qubes might be thought-about safe however not your common Linux distro. Linux might be extra trivially exploited than Home windows, it passively “income”, for those who can name it that, from being irrelevant.

LMAO. Linux distros by design are far more safe than home windows. Linux doesn’t grant full administrator/root entry to person accounts by default, whereas Home windows does. LOL. As an alternative, accounts on Linux are lower-level and don’t have any privileges throughout the wider system.

Practically all Linux distros come preloaded with a firewall, might be hardened with Firejail, Apparmor, Selinux and flatpaks at leisure, if one needs extremely safety as a result of they’re paranoid. You haven’t clue what you’re speaking about. Lol. Your grasp on safety data round working programs and browsers is retarded.

Home windows is probably the most exploited OS on desktop attributable to poor safety, monopoly, greed, and customarily being closed supply crap!

Closed supply code is just maintained by a small few in M$. Open supply code as in Linux is noticed by the broader and bigger FOSS group. Safety flaws get patched in a short time!

Linux distros usually are not solely safer as a result of they’re extra privateness respecting, have higher programming generally, the actual fact they don’t seem to be as in style as Home windows, makes them safer aswell. And the actual fact they are often personalized extra and hardened greater than something in home windows.

Even android which is predicated on a modified linux kernel will get nowhere close to the issues that home windows does, and look how in style android is, neither does UNIX based mostly apple. In actual fact, Linux distros, android OS and apple are far safer than the virus meme that’s home windows and their .EXE insecure rubbish.

Home windows has even to be recognized to brick decices with their persistent and compelled updates. That may even be interpreted as Home windows OS being a risk to the longevity of customers units with their updates. Take a look at the issues with WIN 10 updates and WIN 11 lol.

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> You don’t even know what safety via obscurity means

> Relying in your product being irrelevant for it to be safe

I Doubt you even know what safety even means.

LMAO. You assume that if a software program product is just not in style? That it’s irrelevant? (as you name it), subsequently its safety is crap? You’re hilarious. A sound interpretation of safety via obscurity means an additional layer of safety attributable to software program not being as in style. Lol at your WIKI? You assume folks cannot see issues in another way? The already robust safety by default like in Linux and Firefox makes a system arguably even MORE SECURE than in style software program.


Btw who’s Firefox irrelevant to as you name it? The plenty? LMAO The plenty use chrome, edge and home windows. You assume the plenty make good clever selections with software program?

You sound like a joke Iron Coronary heart lol.

> It’s not outdated.

It’s outdated. It’s really nonsense in truth as Firefox has robust sandboxing in 2022 and browser isolotation in 2022. Firefox is arguably safer than chromium for a lot of causes. Being not as in style as chromium makes it safer arguably. One thing by no means talked about in that foolish weblog that you may’t publish anymore lol.

> Having it” and “having it work” is just not the identical factor.

Ah, nitpicking, on the lookout for an avenue of criticism so you possibly can say chromium is healthier. LMAO.

Firefox does have sandboxing and isolation, not good, however continuously enhancing, getting higher regardless of having nowhere close to the monetary energy that google has.

Firefox is a safe browser, was independently audited many occasions. These are details and you don’t normally work properly with the details. Lol.

> Yeah dude, it not being irrelevant like Firefox additionally implies that it’s a focus for the unhealthy guys.

Which implies that chromium, it doesn’t matter what advances it makes in safety, irrespective of how a lot cash goes into googloes chromium venture, it nonetheless fails attributable to human error, that cyber criminals at all times look to use.

Chromium codebase is a very uncomfortable bloated sloppy mess to make use of as a browser. Many agree and don’t use chromium based mostly browsers for a lot of causes. Googles greed and monoply arguably makes the chromium engine unsafe, all the safety patches wanted for the codebase is an instance of it.

> What I do dispute although are ridiculous ideas like irrelevance being a correct substitute for precise counter-measures.

Firefox does have counter measures. You appear to wish to faux that it doesn’t and also you fall into the class of foolishly believing that as a result of a software program product is just not the preferred that subsequently its shit? Effectively, you appear to be somebody that simply appears to be like on the branding of the product, somebody who needs the newest NIKE sneakers are one thing lol.

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You’re fooling nobody, solely maybe some noobs who assume Courageous is one of the best factor since bread after switching from chrome, edge, safari, opera and so on. LOL. It appears safety audits imply nothing to you. Nonetheless, they do imply one thing to folks with an precise grasp on how know-how works.

> folks citing a decrease variety of Firefox exploits, implying that Firefox is healthier engineered, when in truth the one motive it isn’t as closely exploited is its utter irrelevance.

You haven’t any proof that Firefox is just not higher engineered. Opinions differ on what is taken into account higher engineered. I do assume Firefox is healthier engineered than chromium based mostly browsers.

Chromium based mostly browsers are a bloated sloppy mess, really feel very uncomfortable to make use of (i don’t care if its sooner), and a monopoly, it’s no shock why chromium codebase continuously will get extra safety patches than Firefox. Most individuals use chromium based mostly browsers, most individuals like SUGAR, it doesn’t imply it’s wholesome in the long term.

The Gecko engine is a safer (attributable to it already having good safety and never being so in style), extra customizable engine of alternative that’s not JUST put in by default on most units like bloated chromium engine is as pertains to chrome and edge.

> Chromium is healthier engineered

Or possibly it’s only a bloated mess. It being so bloated is why it will get so many safety patches, approach an excessive amount of code to take care of, that and the truth that it’s so in style as it’s the engine that powers probably the most used browsers.

> It’s well-engineered little doubt about it,

Advertising BS that noobs such as you consider. Google is your god it appears lol. Chromium solely appears superior to you as a result of it’s sooner, attributable to googles monopoly of the net.

Many individuals as a matter of precept really reject utilizing something google engineered, which chromium really is. In actual fact most google merchandise are horrible and never very properly engineered in any respect. Take a look at all the safety patches for chrome, an arguably terribly unsafe to make use of browser each for privateness and safety as a result of greed of google.

> Safety is just not the identical as privateness in any respect,

Absolute BS! With out good safety, there isn’t a privateness!

> Individuals who comply with me right here with out bias know that this isn’t true,

I’ve seen folks name you a google fanboy. I can see why they try this.

As one other commenter posted “brother Iron Coronary heart, to query Google is to query God. Good to fulfill one other true believer.”

You replied ” Perception is a matter of faith”

You may have carried out nothing on this remark part solely promote google engineering as one thing infallible and godlike, one thing that may not be questioned. Lol. Google engineering is your religon, at the very least on right here on Ghacks feedback sections anyway.