Firefox 105: variety of out-of-memory crashes considerably lowered

It’s simply two extra weeks earlier than Firefox 105 Steady will likely be launched by Mozilla. The net browser comes with an attention-grabbing change that may scale back the variety of out-of-memory crashes on Home windows machines considerably.

supply: Mozilla

Revealed by Gabriele Svelto on Twitter, Firefox on Home windows will quickly run into fewer out-of-memory conditions that end in crashes.

The linked bug report on Bugzilla, Mozilla’s bug monitoring web site, affords perception on what Mozilla did to realize this. Opened greater than a yr in the past, work on it has accomplished in late August of 2022.

On Linux we now have a technique to instruct the OOM killer to reap the content material processes earlier than the primary course of when the reminiscence is tight. Whereas we do not use this but it is one thing that is possible. On Home windows nevertheless there isn’t any such mechanism as a result of there isn’t any overcommit assist nor an OOM killer, and we’ll be crashing processes on our personal when reminiscence will get tight.

The primary concept behind the development is to delay the killing of the primary Firefox course of when the browser is working out of reminiscence. With the patch in place, content material processes will seemingly be killed to unlock reminiscence earlier than the primary course of is touched. It’s nonetheless potential that there’s not sufficient reminiscence that may be freed by killing content material processes, however the likelihood that the primary course of is touched is lowered due to the development.

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With the primary course of surviving extra the out-of-memory state of affairs, Firefox itself will not crash fully in these conditions. A content material course of, which can be an internet site open in a browser tab, could also be killed, however it’s simple sufficient to reload it when it must be accessed once more. Mozilla is offloading crashes to content material processes at any time when potential when the Home windows system is working out of reminiscence.

The variety of out-of-memory crashes on Home windows dropped considerably in Firefox Nightly after the patch was launched. Content material processes, then again, crashes extra, however that was to be anticipated.

Beta and Steady knowledge will seemingly be comparable, however it’s too early to inform. Nonetheless, if Firefox 105 Steady sees an analogous discount because the Nightly model of Firefox, crashes on Home windows which might be brought on by low reminiscence conditions will likely be lowered considerably.

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